Happy Neuro Year 2008!!!

Hi folks!!!

So 2007 is over… It was a killer year for Neurothing. Lot of things happened in the band. First of all we changed the vocalist, so we got new blood to develop our ideas. But most important is your support folks. We get e-mails and messages all the time from you, we get invitation to play gigs in your cities, we even meet people in unexpected places knowing Neurothing!!! And it’s good!!! Once again big thanks to Melted Metal Radio for amazing support and help and to Ultimate Metal for taking us to the heavy community. Also thanks to everybody giving us a chance to perform on the Bloodstock Festival, we hope it’s gonna happen.

We’ve been working hard the whole year, writing music and preparing everything to be ready for our new album “Murder Book”. It’s not done yet so wish us good luck with it in the beginning of 2008. We learnt a lot about stuff we’re gonna use to record this crazy music and we’re sure that 2008 belongs to Neurothing.

So be ready. Happy Neuro Year!!!

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