“Murder Book” – new album, coming soon …

Polish mind damagers Neurothing are finishing their new album pre-production. The band is almost ready to enter the studio and start with recording “Murder Book”. Album should be ready in the beginning of 2008.

The album title “Murder Book” has an essential connection with lyrics theme. “It’s a real human mind story. It’s like a “Crime and Punishment” and police serial killer investigation report mixed together.

Neurothing also gave away few tracks titles including (not full list yet):

  • Kill It
  • My Cell
  • Hands of Death
  • More Than Time
  • Raskolnikov

Recording sessions will take place in Poznan/Poland and also Edinburgh/Scotland. The band set their studio so it will be real self battle. They’re testing equipment and instruments to be used during recording.

After the “Murder Book” release Neurothing is planning to hit the stages. The band is already co-operating and preparing shows for 2008 with agencies from Switzerland and the UK.

Be ready, you never know who’s behind. \m/

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