Current members:

  • Jarosław Słomka – guitars (2004-)
  • Ryszard Hazubski – guitars (2004-2010, 2015-)

Former members:

  • Mikołaj Fajfer – vocals (2007-2010, 2013-2016)
  • Aneta “Bast” Gąska – vocals (2011-2012)
  • Dominico Martin Arroyo Diaz – guitars (2010-2014)
  • Maciej “Maciuperski” Przybylski – bass (2005-2014)
  • Robert “Buli” Roszczyński – drums (2004-2014)
  • Bartosz “Chupa” Zawadzki – vocals (2005-2006)
  • Wiesław “Bocian” Wilga – bass (2004-2005)

Press Downloads:

Neurothing’s Story:

Buli - DrumsSince 2004, when the band was created, people have been trying to define the NEUROTHING twisted tunes. Have a try and be sure that every moment of the track will bring you a new emotion and impression.

During these few years Neurothing formed the current line-up and became one keep on going strong force. But it doesn’t come from nowhere. The band members had previous experience of sharing stages with metal giants like Machine Head, Soulfly, Mnemic, Samael, Saxon, Opeth, Marduk and Vader. They performed with symphonic orchestra and became featured artists of the music magazines like Sick Drummer Magazine. They’ve also been members of other respected Polish bands. They brought all their experience and passion to the new level and named it Neurothing.

Maciuperski - BassNeurothing did the first big step in 2005 when they released their four track EP album “Vanishing Celestial Bodies” and shot the video to “Macheta”. Both the EP and the video met with an enthusiastic reception and were warmly received by the press and listeners. The video was played by many TV shows and became one of the qualified works on the Music Video Awards Festival CraveFest in Toronto, Canada.

Neurothing also appeared on the MySpace gathering thousands of friends supporting the band and leaving positive comments every night and day. The band also created official YouTube channel.

Fajfer - VocalsAfter the series of gigs in 2006 the band sat down to write a new full-size material. During the writing process they faced the personal change – the vocalist replacement, so the album premiere had to be moved. But nobody even thought to give up especially when Fajfer, the new vocalist joined the crew to add the last remaining instrument to this neurotic ensemble. Neurothing could start over with a motivation that gave the band a lot of opportunities to challenge new levels. With the fresh energy and the new ideas the follow-up to “Vanishing Celestial Bodies” was prepared.

So here it comes AD 2009. After two years of the creation and destruction, Neurothing brings to the metal community, ready to open, undiscovered, mysterious “Murder Book”, real murderous trip through the human mind. “Crime and Punishment”, “Alice in Wonderland”, murder cases, sins and fears, it’s all there mixed with neurotic, disturbed guitar riffs and drum rhythms.

The album was bravely recorded and mixed in Poland and Scotland and mastered in the Digital Domain (Florida, USA) by audio guru Bob Katz, who gave the final, magical touch to the murderous tunes.

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