“Murder Book” – recording report …

All right folks!!!

It’s time to let you know how far we are with our music slaughter.

The “Murder Book” recording process is going forward day by day. Finally we’re all together in Poland working hard on the album.

For now we have drums recording done so Rob is free and happy!!! Everything went great and we have already the band’s heart beating like hell !!!

We’re also almost done with vocals writing and we have one song title remaining to complete the whole “Murder Book”. So it’s gonna be:

  • Kill It
  • Hands of Death
  • High Pain Threshold
  • My Cell
  • Raskolnikov
  • Railroad Track
  • Infinity
  • More Than Time

Just now we have first guitars notes on the tracks so it’s getting shaped. Hope everybody’s happy because it couldn’t be better here.

We know it takes a lot of time to get whole book but we’re also sure that finally it won’t be complaints!!!

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