“Murder Book” – the new album is done!

This is invitation for a real murderous trip through the human mind gathered in eleven neurotic tracks:

  1. Hope
  2. Kill It
  3. Hands of Death
  4. High Pain Threshold
  5. My Cell
  6. Raskolnikov
  7. Railroad Track
  8. Infinity
  9. King Rat
  10. More Than Time
  11. Last Page Has Begun

Murder Book - Album CoverWe have the “Murder Book” art work exposed on the Myspace profile. You can also visit Neurothing forum to check the lyrics description and leave your comments. There will be blood, we’re sure about it.

We’re also uploading a new stuff into the Myspace profile and website. Visit the pages frequently to check new merchandising, pictures, studio reports, videos and artwork. We’ll keep you updated as well.

The album release date will be revealed next month.

Neurothing is still looking for the record label to co-operate. Also, we’re planning to start playing gigs from the spring time. Agencies, promoters and everybody who wants to be involved in organizing the gigs should contact us on band@neurothing.com

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