Murder Book

2009 – Murder Book

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Release date: Jun 1, 2009
Duration time: 35:18

All songs written, recorded, mixed and produced by Neurothing.
Mastered by Bob Katz at “Digital Domain” Orlando, Florida.

Press about …

Metal Hammer:

“(…)And here it comes, the new, mature and god damn convinced band. Watch out and remember my words – this band is already big but you don’t know about it yet…”

Gitarzysta Magazine:

“(…)There is a madness and insanity hidden in these tunes. (…)There is some sick beauty in this music.”

Metal Centre:

“(…)At last we get a masterpiece dedicated to the listeners expecting from metal something more than rhythm for head-banging. To be honest I have been waiting for something sticking out from what we listen to everyday. This Polish band messed up my private albums ranking.”

Atmospheric Magazine:

“(…)After first, second and next goes Murder Book absorbs that strong that we forget about the whole world around.”

Sound Zone:

“(…)Murder Book is a challenge and a real manual sarcastic deconstruction of mind. In addition to migraines, will be able to cause many cervical pain.”

Wolna Chata:

“(…)Neurothing takes you for the honest and brutal trip without the sweet melodies. There is aggression and well planned, tricky attack. 10/10 for musical courage and going against the trends.”

Chaos Vault:

“(…)The music is exploding with energy. It’s a mixture of thrash and death metal tunes with hardcore elements. Selfdriven machine.”

Metal Storm:

“(…)I strongly recommend giving Neurothing more than one chance. If you can bring in enough patience, Murder Book seems to be an album worth growing on you.”

Ave Metal:

“(…)Demanding music for demanding audience”

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