My Cell

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Duration time: 3:51
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Taken from “Murder Book”

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My fear is making me weak
Drowning in the salt
Swallowed by wounds
The implant ball

Try to bury it in the deepest nook
Try to get into the spirit of my doom
My tear is falling down the river of sorrow

It doesn’t reach the place I’m in
It doesn’t feed reality
What if I filled my heart with hate?
If I can’t hide myself deeper into that cell

Stop what frightens me under the stone
Can’t hide the weakness
Can’t hide myself under the rock
Under rock
And stop the river under the stone

Forever with my fear
In my cell

Can’t stop the fear it’s a weakness
Can’t hide the weakness it’s a river
Can’t stop the river that is the tear
Can’t stop the tear that is the needle

As long as you live I will hunt you
As long as you’re free I will always be chasing you
As long as you bleed I will fear you
As long as you bleed I will fear you

The biggest secret of my life
Closed on the bottom of the cell
Surrounded by walls of fear
The walls of fear
The biggest secret of my life
Surrounded by the wings of insects
In this private prison
Scared of myself
Down in the cell


So the brain became my cell
All that hate won’t fit the narrow coffin
Apathy is filling me
The frame that I try to penetrate into
Inside my mind, the circus scene
We could find the answer

Welcome to my cell

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