Free Tickets for Murder Code Tour

All neurofans from Bydgoszcz and Łódź are more than welcome to our gigs in Stalowa Wola, Zamość and Warsaw. You’ll get FREE tickets as we had to cancel gigs in your cities. Also, everybody who won the tickets are invited for gigs in other cities. See you there!!!

Interview with Rob on Perkusista Magazine

“Apart of the drumming I’m interested of… drumming.” – check the interview with Neurothing’s drummer Rob on Perkusista Magazine.

You can also win tickets for Neurothing upcoming Murder Code Tour and “Murder Book” album.


Listen to the Longplay Podcast

Listen to the Longplay Podcast on on Friday, 30th October at 20.00 polish time. They will be streaming the whole Murder Book album and you can also win it then. And we have two double tickets for any Murder Code Tour gig to win during the podcast as well.

Please check the Longplay Podcast blog for any news and info.


Murder Code Tour – November 2009

We would like to invite you for the Neurothing tour promoting our newest release “Murder Book”. Murder Code Tour will start on 11/11 in Gorzów Wielkopolski (PL). It’s gonna be ten gigs ending in Warsaw (PL) in No Mercy Club on 22/11. You will hear “Murder Book” live and well known, older tracks from “Vanishing Celestial Bodies” EP.

Neurothing will share the stages with Cruentus, Obsession, Empatic and local guests. You can visit our official web page for more news and updates.

Murder Code Tour dates:

11/11 – Gorzów Wlkp. – Magnat
(Neurothing, Cruentus, Obsession, Eyesore)

12/11 – Szczecin – Kontrasty
(Neurothing, Cruentus, Obsession, Eyesore)

13/11 – Poznań – U Bazyla
(Neurothing, Cruentus, Obsession, Empatic, Eyesore)

14/11 – Wrocław – Wagon
(Neurothing, Cruentus, Obsession, Empatic)

15/11 – Bielsko-Biała – RudeBoy
(Neurothing, Cruentus, Empatic)

17/11 – Bydgoszcz – Estrada
(Neurothing, Obsession, Empatic, Kontagion)

18/11 – Łódź – Luka
(Neurothing, Obsession, Empatic)

20/11 – Stalowa Wola – Jazz Rock
(Neurothing, Empatic)

21/11 – Zamość – Zamojski Dom Kultury
(Neurothing, Empatic, Reality In Pain)

22/11 – Warszawa – No Mercy
(Neurothing, Obsession, Empatic, Phobh)

All gigs will start at 19:00. We will have Neurothing merchandising for you, t-shirts and CDs.

Murder Code Tour is sponsored by and also supported by following media: Magazyn Gitarzysta, Magazyn Perkusista, Rockmetal, AntyPortal, Wrocław Rock Portal, Blackastrial Magazine, ChaosVault, Independent, Dark Planet, Atmospheric Magazine, Radio Panteon, Metal Rulez, HardZone, Mroczna Strefa, Metal Centre, Evermetal’zine, Metal Mundus, Koncerty Metalowe, AveMetal, Psychozine oraz Fabryka Zespołów.

We can’t wait any longer to play the “Murder Book” live. We invite you all!!!

Bunch of Murder Book reviews

We collected few “Murder Book” reviews including the newest one form Polish guitarist magazine “Gitarzysta”. Thanks everybody for the good words!!! Go to the “Murder Book” Reviews.

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