Vanishing Celestial Bodies

2005 – Vanishing Celestial Bodies EP


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Release date: Sep 1, 2005
Duration time: 17:10

Guitar solo performance in “Vanishing Celestial Bodies” by guest star Dariusz “Popcorn” Popowicz.

All songs written by Neurothing. Lyrics written by Chupasangre.

Recorded, mixed and mastered (June 23, 2005) by Jacek Chraplak at Laronermma Recording Institute. Drums tracks recorded at “Candida Recording Studio”.

Cover concept and design by Grupa Collective
Band photos: Daria Wawrzyniak and Joanna Ostańska

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Metal Hammer:

“First, the guy’s skills. Outstanding? I’m not sure if I should praise them as much as that in order not to make their heads swell but quite a few old troupers could learn a lot from Neurothing.”

Metal Express Radio:

“True to form, aggression seems to be what Neurothing is about.(…) Neurothing plays harsh, violent “mad at the world” music that fills you with anger and makes you want to hit something and defy authority. Listen to this in a mosh pit for best results, and if you elbow someone in the face, don’t apologize”

Melted Metal Web Radio:

“Warning! Neurothing may cause brain damage! There is very little to say about Neurothing except, “HOLY SHIT!”. Neurothing has achieved something few bands ever do – A Totally New Sound! Their rhythms and beats, in a heavy metal context, are nothing short of magical. I am not a label guy right now, but if I were, I would sign them and dump a ton of cash into their global market brand. Can you spell upper-triple-digit-ROI? Make no mistake. The public will never forget Neurothing.”

Antenna Magazine:

“So will Neurothing be able to mark themselves on the scene judged from Vanishing Celestial Bodies? Yes they will, and it’s probably only a question of time before Neurothing is picked up by a record label, as this band shows a standard with the production, musicality and professionalism on Vanishing Celestial Bodies rarely seen with unsigned bands.”

Behind the Veil:

“Their compositions are really well worked with interesting ideas and you can see that the band is thirsty for work and to make good music. You can feel that they like what they play (…) you can see that Neurothing has a lot of potential to become a very good band if they continue to work hard. I am sure that we will soon hear from them and the news will be good for Neurothing and us!”

Soundcheck Magazine:

“All musicians are above reproach, the drummer rages like hell and the songwriting is one of the most complex I have ever listened to. (…) Well download it, listen for yourself. You will not regret it.”

Vampire Magazine:

“Yup, keep an eye on these Polish talents!”

Battle Helm:

“This is right up the alley for all those of you out there who think everything outside of Meshuggah is too straight and boring. So if you like complicated breaks and music that goes backward and forward and every other direction and can’t get enough of your Meshuggah or Treponem Pal records this might just be the one for you.”

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