Murder Code Tour 2009 Summary

Murder Code Tour 2009 is done !!! It’s been two blasting weeks for us so we would like to share some emotions caught on the pictures and films. But before you’ll watch it you need to know that now we’re even more hungry of crashing you with Neurothing live sound and performance.

Murder Code Tour 2009

It wouldn’t happen without our folks from Cruentus, Empatic (monsters of palulu) and Obsession(monsters of kwadrat). Also, it was good to meet some other heavy dudes from Eyesore, Reality in Pain and Phobh. Thanks for sharing the stages with us !!!

Murder Code Tour 2009

And finally it was amazing to meet every single crazy fucker jumping, crawling and head banging to our unbelievably crazy tunes. Yes, we want more, no excuses !!!

Last word belongs to our Murder Academy. You know what you did for us and we appreciate it. Keep it sharp and underground !!!

Murder Code Tour 2009

So please check Neurothing website photo gallery, MySpace pix and YouTube channel.

You won’t wait long for a next time !!! \m/

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