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Vanishing Celestial Bodies - Album Cover“First you get the bad news: this demo contains only 4 songs at a runningtime of 17:13 min. But now you get the good news: all of this 17:13 min. are absolutely killing!!!

It’s unbelievable what this Poland-quintet created with this demo. This promo-CD starts with ‘Never Core’: aggressive shouts, very precise bass/ guitar-arrangements and all of them hit straight into your face. Meshuggah meets Pantera at highest level. Absolutely fitting guitarsoli, power … byebye nackmuscles … and all this although the band never tries to break highspeedrecords!

Further on with ‘Macheta’, Chupasangre ( Bartek Zawadzki ) again tries to scream his lungs off. And in the meantime always again there?s clean and soft singing … it gives me creeps. At the demo there?s also a video to this song included which was produced very professional. It’s a real hammer that even after the 15th listeningsession it doesn?t turn to get boring at all to listen to the songs of Neurothing. ‘Anomaly’ ist the next song who hits you like a fist in your face. A unique mixture of pure power, aggressiveness, melody, progressiveness and musical ability. That what Hazub ( Ryszard Hazubski ) -guitar- , Sloma ( Jaroslaw Slomka ) -guitar- , Maciuperski ( Maciej Prybylski ) -bass- and Buli ( Robert Roszczynski ) -drums- push out of the speakers is absolutely unusual for a band which which exists only for one and a half years yet. Well, if this band would hail from USA, England or Finland, then this material wouldn?t be a demo, but a CD of a not-so-small label.

Sadly already the last song ‘Vanishing Celestial Bodies’ follows, which of course isn?t suitable to be a lullaby. So, you fans of heavy music out there, get your hands off this CD if you only want to join a CD just for one hour. This CD is just like some kind of parasite which erodes from your auditory canals into your brain and will leave his mark there and finally will settle down in your heart.

And those who have read my other reviews yet will know that I usually don’t spend an absolutely highscore, but here I have no other choice.

The only thing which I could chalk up to Neurothing is that this demo has a runningtime of sadly only nearly 18 minutes and that it problaby will take a rather long time till I will be able to see the band performing their material live on stage.
10 fat, aggressive points !”

author: Frank / V.U., rating: 10/10
source: Visions Underground, date: May 8, 2006

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