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Vanishing Celestial Bodies - Album Cover“First, a few words about the packaging. The album comes in an esthetic digipack, accompanied by the band’s photo and a professionally printed lyric book. It is quite unique for a band to show so much care about the edition of an album, especially that this is not a full-length album but a four-track promo material issued with no support from any big record company. This reflects the musicians’ professional approach to what they do.

Fortunately, Neurothing’s professionalism is not limited to the packaging. This is proven by the four tracks constituting the EP. The band’s music is a well balanced mixture, comprising elements of death and thrash metal, as well as some hardcore features. Their precisely emphasized lines of the rhythmic section, cold guitar riffs, syncopated rhythm, and frequent changes of pace, together with the growling, screaming vocals suggest that the musicians have been inspired by such classic bands as Death or Meshuggah, and by younger performers drawing on the early Mudyayne. Neurothing’s music is dominated by the blending of different musical approaches and by strongly emphasized contrasts. This is true for tracks such as “Never Core”, where avalanches of sounds are broken off by fraction of a second’s moments of silence. In “Vanishing Celestial Bodies” death metal cascades are accompanied by heavy metal motifs (with Dariusz “Popcorn” Popowicz, known from Armia and Acis Drinkers, as a guest guitarist) and bits with clear, melodic, sort of Corey Taylor style vocals. As I haven’t found any information about guest vocalists, I recon this is the work of Neurothing’s vocalist Bartek Zawadzki. The music becomes more “motoric” in “Macheta” due to broken, monotonously repeated riffs.

Let me add that the album – recorded by Jacek Chraplak and Maciej G?uchowski – sounds clearly and selectively. The four tracks included in the EP show that there are a few interesting ideas teeming in the five musicians’ minds. To find out what will hatch from these ideas we’ll have to wait for their full-lenght album.”

author: RJF, rating: 7/10, translated by: Agnieszka Nowak
source: RockMetal, date: Feb 10, 2006

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