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Vanishing Celestial Bodies - Album Cover“Powerful stuff! Im positively surprised with the bands level. And with the edition of the CD, I must add. Just four tracks (17 minutes) and yet the demo comes in an elegant, professional digipack. These guys must be really determined, especially that they are clearly targeting the Western market. I wish them any sort of success, which they definitely deserve. The greatest astonishment, however, is the music itself.

First, the guys skills. Outstanding? Im not sure if I should praise them as much as that in order not to make their heads swell but quite a few old troupers could learn a lot from Neurothing. In terms of music, the band is not even trying to hide that they have been listening to lots of stuff from groups such as Meshuggah, and want to mark their presence in the area of broken, arrhythmic metal. Although nowadays every second metalcore band openly admits to having been inspired by the work of Thordendal and colleagues, it has been a long time since I heard anyone building on the Swedes ideas so literally.

Neurothings well-produced tracks are larded with accents, shifts of meter, and all sorts of breaking, with aggressive, a bit hardcore vocals roving about. To continue about the vocals, there are occasional melodic recitations, which enhance the sense of paranoia emanating from these compositions. The coolest thing about this music, however, is the fact that despite all those rhythmic and arrangement-related traps it will make you go into a trance and shake your head to hits such as Macheta.

A great beginning! Lets hope the guys will have enough faith and determination to make further steps as good ones as the production of this EP.”

author: Arek Lerch, rating: 4/5, translated by Agnieszka Nowak
source: Metal Hammer 178 4/2006 polish edition, date: Apr 2006

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