Review from “Behind The Veil”

Vanishing Celestial Bodies - Album Cover“So here we have the “new blood” from the Polish metal scene. Neurothing has only almost one year of existence and so far they released their debut CD which has four tracks and they shot their first video clip for the track “Macheta”. I can say that Neurothing is a really active band although they have only one year of history. Musically the band moves in the alternative sound with some nu metal elements. For example the vocals are mainly dirty and harsh and the song structures have a modern metal way. Of course their compositions are really well worked with interesting ideas and you can see that the band is thirsty for work and to make good music. You can feel that they like what they play and I can say that they chose the best song in order to shoot the video, because “Macheta” is the best track from this CD. Generally you can see that Neurothing has a lot of potential to become a very good band if they continue to work hard. I am sure that we will soon hear from them and the news will be good for Neurothing and us!”

author: Antonis Maglaras, rating: 7.5/10
source: Behind the Veil, date: Nov 2, 2005

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