Review from “Antenna Magazine”

Vanishing Celestial Bodies - Album Cover“There is no question that Meshuggah has influenced a lot of bands, and certainly will continue to do so, and the Swedes are one of the obvious comparisons going through Vanishing Celestial Bodies. Neurothing really know how to get the music as syncopated as it gets. The complexity might not reach the heights of aforementioned Swedes, and in my mind this count in favour of the Polish band. Though only presenting four songs, the music still sometimes lacks diversity despite the many elements of each song, but one of the keys to versatility is the inclusion of vocal melodies instead of just screaming their heads off. And exactly this latter element is also included on a couple of songs with “Macheta” as the most successful attempt.

So will Neurothing be able to mark themselves on the scene judged from Vanishing Celestial Bodies? Yes they will, and it’s probably only a question of time before Neurothing is picked up by a record label, as this band shows a standard with the production, musicality and professionalism on Vanishing Celestial Bodies rarely seen with unsigned bands.”

author: LHJ, rating: 4/6
source: Antenna Magazine, date: Dec 23, 2005

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