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Murder Book - Album Cover“To be honest I have a problem with Neurothing. On one side it’s a underground band but in the same time people are talking about them more than about mainstream bands. Of course it’s really good for the band as they have been working hard permanently for five years. They play modern, technical metal and they get better year after year.

We got two Neurothing releases. Well known Vanishing Bodies EP (2005) and fresh, full length album Murder Book. If I had to compare these two releases then Murder Book seems so much better and it’s not a surprise as they recorded it four years after the first release. It’s a lot of time to avoid the typical Meshuggah or Mnemic style and focus on developing their own one.

The first thing that came to my attention was really awesome sound that puts Neurothing on the polish and international top. Next thing is unbelievable style of playing and composition. The new material sounds heavy and it kicks ass. There is not much Meshuggah in it but fresh, unconventional approach to the music and tunes like old Killswitch Engage or Kobong.

Piece of really well thought-out, modern and what is the most important original work which you can’t listen to quietly and without emotion.

Yes, my friends, just open a cold beer, put on Murder Book and pump up the volume to piss off the neighbors and enjoy the unique taste.”

author: Krzysztof Dobrowolski, rating: 5.5/6
source: Blackastrial Magazine, 03/2009

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