Murder Book release date and pre-order!

We can’t wait any longer to open the first page of “Murder Book”. The album will be released on the 1st June 2009 but you can already pre-order it HERE and get free Neurothing EP “Vanishing Celestial Bodies”.

Murder Book - Album CoverAfter two years of the creation and destruction, we bring to the metal community, ready to open, undiscovered, mysterious “Murder Book”, real murderous trip through the human mind. “Crime and Punishment”, “Alice in Wonderland”, murder cases, sins and fears, it’s all there mixed with neurotic, disturbed guitar riffs and drum rhythms.

The album was bravely recorded and mixed in Poland and Scotland and mastered in the Digital Domain (Florida, USA) by audio guru Bob Katz, who gave the final, magical touch to the murderous tunes.

We’re also putting out one of the “Murder Book” tracks “High Pain Threshold”. You can listen to it on the Neurothing MySpace player. “Murder Book” CD and the merchandising will be available through the Neurothing website.

“As long as you live I will hunt you”

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