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Duration time: 4:16
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Taken from “Vanishing Celestial Bodies”

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All characters by Marcin Wawrzyniak. Directed by Daria Wawrzyniak and Ryszard Hazubski. Cameras by Grzegorz Zwierzchowski and Krzysztof Wójtowicz. Produced by Grzegorz Zwierzchowski.

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macheta, i realize how to explain all the damages
macheta, like a panther – not asking about the conscience
macheta, like a predator – fuck the excuses
let’s go outside, let’s go hunting
for all anonyms and antagonism

i’ll never let you kill my Self
i’ll never let you kill yourself
i want it

you’re gonna pay

it’s my privilege taken from you
i know where’s the place to investigate

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