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Duration time: 4:02
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Taken from “Murder Book”

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Where is the point you’re crossing the line
This is the thin line
Life to sacrifice
Admire the paint in blood
Superior’s right is to decide, devote the life, himself, to mystery, humanity
It can explain why it’s a mistake

Dark, it’s so dark
Blood, it won’t dry

What does it mean to me, individuality?
What does it say about humanity?

Asking why we are so far away from the truth
To define the life must cross the line


The edge of blade creates new way
Every death brings new way
So create!!!

To weak, naive, angry, sick
Undermine, weaken the foundation of life
Fake to live, to be
Hide to breathe, to survive
Die to live
Every death brings new way
Every axe cuts new way
So create to live
Kill to live
Fight to survive because every day cuts new threads
Every death

Transcend the moral boundary to see if you are extraordinary
Try to define despicable act
Who’s right?
Who must not follow the codes?
So won’t you try to come above?
So won’t you try?
For higher power
Won’t you divide?

So dark and far away from the truth
Far away from the answer and salvation
Blood won’t dry
Internal struggle for freedom

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