More Than Time

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Duration time: 3:01
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Taken from “Murder Book”

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God is not the beginning
Non-existing being
Unknown to the gate of the time

What is the question?
What is the answer?
What are we looking for?

For a timeless existence
Independent everlastingness
What are we waiting for?
Nothing is created outside of the time

I don’t need your god, don’t accept it
I don’t expect it
I don’t need its cause and effect it brings
Effect it implies

Uninvited visitor
Springing up from the chaos
Bringing only fear

Overrated life
War against humanity
Set by the messiah of life unaffected by lapse of time
For the insatiable pride
The greed must be fed
Born with the question
Die with no answer
There is no answer
Nothing awaits us
Why do we want to be more than time?

Overrated life
War against humanity
Set by itself for eternity
It’s not falling rain
This is me bleeding down
Opened sore
This is the world falling apart
Fear becomes reality from dreams
It won’t turn back
So get a blade to cut out the bloody sign
The question mark
This is destiny
You have to kill

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