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Duration time: 3:09
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Taken from “Murder Book”

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I will show you fear
I will tell you lies
I will take you there
So you followed to the end
So you followed the line without the end and beginning
Like an ant

I see what I eat; I eat what I see,
I like what I get; I get what I like
I kill when I sleep and you sleep when I kill

There is no last word

And I kill

I’ll show you blood
No, there’s no end
There is no hope
Now leave me
Now it’s too late
You’ll pray for the end
The end
So why we creep for more
So why creep for more

Into the mirror
Look into the mirror

On the other side it’s the same
And it’s already too late to have a choice
Humanity is so crooked
It goes beyond any fixed bound
I’ll give you fear
It goes beyond any fixed border
I’ll give you lies
I’ll give you blood
There is no end

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