Murder Book pre-order shipping

Just to let you know we already sent all of the pre-orders and it should be with you soon. Thanks to all of you folks. You are now part of the Murder Book world domination.

And if you still want to order the “Murder Book” CD or Neurothing merchandisings please go to our official stores: Neurothing Online Store and Carton Merchandising.

Neurothing signed merchandising deal

Neurothing proudly presents the new official merchandising company Carton Merchandising. You can already order the first Murder Book theme t-shirt and it’s more to come. Please contact the store regarding licence purposes.

And to purchase the new Neurothing album Murder Book and the previous release Vanishing Celestial Bodies go to Neurothing Online Store.

Neurothing & Gitarzysta Magazine

Polish guitar magazine “Gitarzysta” announced the five winners of Neurothing online quiz. There will be another one in the magazine as well but for now “Murder Book” CDs are going to the following dudes: Maciej Poborczyk, Michał Dybich, Paweł Wyszomirski, Dawid Cierpiał, Damian Hawryluk.

Great guys!!! Congratulations and thanks for support.

You can check the magazine and Neurothing news on

Take care!!!

Murder Book – OUT NOW!

Today is the release day of Neurothing’s new album “Murder Book”. To order the CD and band’s merchandising visit Neurothing Online Store.

The murderous masterpiece contains eleven furious tracks recorded and mixed by Neurothing and mastered by audio guru Bob Katz in Digital Domain (Florida, US). We prepared a special release trailer. You can watch it on Neurothing YouTube Channel.

Please also visit Neurothing Forum to become member of the Neurocommunity. We’re absolutely proud of our work and it’s even better if we can share it with you. Enjoy!!!

Murder Book trailer part IV

Visit Neurothing YouTube Channel to check fourth trailer for the new album “Murder Book” out 1st June 2009!!! This time we want to introduce you the Neurothing drummer, also proud member of Sick Drummer Magazine.

Don’t forget to check other murderous films.

You can also visit the Neurothing Forum and start your thread.

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